HERSTORYMUSEUM is a fictional museum. Its aim is to tell the Art History of 20th century through exhibitions of female artists. For this, it has been created a visual language: a series of pictograms based on the portraits of the artists and their works.
   The exhibitions of HERSTORYMUSEUM take place on the posters that announce them, on the bulletin board, corridors, entrances or exterior walls of art institutions in Spain and the rest of the world. The project takes advantage of the fissures and limits of the "Art Institution", and operates from a feminist and institutional critic perspective. The residual nature of the exhibition spaces evidences the marginalization of women in the artistic system. The documentation of the exhibitions can see on the Internet, HERSTORYMUSEUM's Website, social networks, and it is complemented by gif-exhibitions. The posters are at the same time the work of a female artist – condemned to the same stereotypes and invisibility as the protagonists of the portraits – and the only constancy of a museum that does not exist.

  “Without women artist exhibitions, women will just continue to be invisibilized and marginalized. The key here is visibility, which inevitably helps women in terms of the marketplace and in art history.”

(MAURA REILLY, Founding Curator of the
Elizabeth A. Sackler Center for Feminist Art - Brooklyn Museum)